Background Papers


Background paper Authors
Thematic part
Internal migration
Internal migration and education in Kenya Abuya
Education needs of nomads and pastoralists in Mongolia Batkhuyag and Dondogdulam
Internal migration and education: a cross-national comparison Bernard, Bell and Cooper
Education of children from migrant rural households in India Chandrasekhar and Bhattacharya
Teacher perceptions of internal migrant students in China Cherng and Han
Challenges and responses in China’s small rural schools Han, Liang and Chen
Short- and long-term education outcomes of the left behind in China Hannum, Hu and Shen
Internal migration and education in Indonesia Muhidin
Migration and education in West Africa Nonnenmacher and Yonemura
Internal migration and education in Brazil Rigotti and Hadad
International migration
Diversity, migration and displacement in teacher education April et al.
Effects of remittances on household education expenditure Askarov and Doucouliagos
Internationalization of higher education Bhandari, Robles and Farrugia (IIE)
Early learning for children in crisis and conflict Bouchane et al.
International migration and human capital inequality Docquier and Deuster
International migration and education: mutual causation Fargues
Language and literacy programmes for migrants and refugees Hanemann
Immigrant trajectories in French primary and secondary schools Ichou
Global migration and educational expansion IIASA
Student mobility in Japan and Asia Kuroda et al
Attitudes and perceptions toward migrants in Ghana Kyereko
Migration concepts and themes in textbooks Opertti et al. (IBE)
Immigrant students in the Japanese educational system Maruyama
Higher education and international students in Japan Mori
Status of the right to education of migrants Right to Education Initiative
Migration and education Tani
Possibilities and challenges for immigrant students in Japan Tokunaga
Inclusion of Syrians in the Turkish education system Arık Akyüz
Education for Burundian refugees in Tanzania Dalrymple (Plan International)
Inclusion of refugees in national education systems Dryden-Peterson et al.
Estimating displaced children not accessing education Englund
Higher education for refugees Ferede
Challenges and opportunities of educating the forcibly displaced Ghaffar-Kucher
Education in multi-sectoral responses to displacement crises Karamperidou et al. (UNICEF)
Refugee, internally displaced and national teachers Mendenhall, Gomez and Varni
Inclusion of Afghans in the Iranian and Pakistani education systems Nicolle
Education for Karen refugees in Thailand Shiohata
Making rights to education real for refugees with disabilities Smith-Khan and Crock
Monitoring part
Youth and adult education and training in Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia Amer
2016 IEA International Civic and Citizenship Study Sandoval-Hernández and Miranda
Gender Report
Gender, migration and non-formal learning for women and adolescent girls North
Arab States Report
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